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I just bought a Ruger M77 in 270 Win and put a Nikon Pro-Staff 3x9 on it. Gave it a quick boresight at the range, then shot 1 box of the Rem 150 gr core lock to sight it in. My last 3 rounds gave me 2-3 inch groups. Good enough for this years deer hunting.

A friend of mine has been re-loading for me for many years for my other rifles, 243, 30-06, 30-30 and 32 special. He tells me the 130 grain is better for long range, but do to the higher velocity, if I use 130 gr the most important thing is to get the right bullet. One that has a good heavy core and base made for penetration. Otherwise if you hit bone, it may shatter before it penetrates into the vitals. Not sure how much of a problem this is with whitetails, but may be an issue on heavier game such as elk or moose.

I plan on doing some re-loading of my own this winter. Will let you know how the 130 gr compares to 150 gr when I get some experience.
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