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Why should I have to press #1 for English, I live in the U.S. It's our national

seriously, this is one of the biggest problems I think we are faced with today Political Correctness. Alot of people are afraid to speak their minds because it may offend someone else or go against their beliefs and this is what is being taught to our younger generations.
We as parents,teachers, and mentors need to take an active roll in our future generation's mind set. Let them know that it's a good thing to be proud of your heritage/race/religion and so on. It's not something to be ashamed of because of something that happened 200 yrs ago or 20 yrs ago for that matter. I'm not preaching racial or ethnic slander here but lets face it. If we as white males stood up and demanded the things that some ethnic groups and illegal immigrants do, we would be burnt at the stake called racist and charged with hate crimes. Imagine protesting a government for demands in a country that you are not even a citizen or for that matter inside its borders legally. I beleive that is a act of war in most countries but here it gets great media attention and sympathy from one group or another. If we aren't going to be proactive in this as law abiding,respectable,productive, members of this great nation we are going to be the ones on the courthouse steps begging for scraps. I think the people who helped forge this nation had a different course in mind than where its headed today
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