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Originally Posted by Whitetail_ENT View Post

I was really wanting to know Bruce's logic on why PineSol should work. .
man o man, the crazy things that happen when one is away from the computer... LOL

OK,,,, Whitetail_ENT. first off lets go to the original posting here which was made by buckfever
his post said,,, "just wondering if any of yall hunters have ever heard of this.
when i was a young hunter just getting into it my uncle helped me alot. his version of scent control was a little bit of pinesol in the bottom of a spray bottle. and then fill the rest up with water. claimed it made him smell like a pine tree. just wondering if yall had any older hunters that tried this or similar tactics?
while i will never go back to this tactic because my results with wildlife research products have been well im just curious as to what yall think.

NOTICE his posting had nothing to do with smoke, not even a mention of the word smoke? YET somewhere along the topic (the 6th entry to be exact) you managed to add in your comment "And you all think smoking up is crazy! WOW!"

I never said Pine sol should work.. Pay closer attention to whats really being posted and not what your smoked up mind is letting your eyes see.

What I said was "my Dad and Uncles used to swear by it's affectiveness
(back in the 40's and 50's they didn't have fancy hunting supplies) LOL

Let me explain what I think about the PINE SOL and water solution...
I'm not sure it's the PINE scent that helped them way back when, I think it's the fact that the Pine-Sol kills ODER CAUSING BACTERIA the fact that it has Pine scent may have been a Bonus to the ODER CAUSING BACTERIA KILLERS...

I've never personally used a Pine Sol and water solution BUT if it worked for hunters way back when why shouldn't it work for us now. I'm not saying everyone or anyone should use it but if they did I don't think it would have the ADVERSE/UNFAVORABLE affect that a SMOKER would have .....

I want to give your smoking up ritual a try just to prove to you it's a poor idea for hunting and only ruins good hunting equipment/supplies BUT I'll be darned If I'm willing to taint all my clothes and hunting equipment with something I already know isn't going to work...besides once the smell of smoke gets into something it's next to impossible to remove that smell so it would be too coslty for me to replace all the smoke damaged ruins.....

SO NOW can we stay on the topic which was pine Sol and not smoke.???

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