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Rozman62... You just outlined my normal strategy however, the state land near where I stay is a real bear to get through even in daylight (found that out while turkey hunting this spring... brambles and bogs everywhere. My GPS does not work 'till about 6:30 am so compassing my way in works but I ususally get wet)
I did find an incredible run though, it's actually "paved" with droppings about three inches thick! Must have been in use for over a hundred years. But for the number of empty shell casings I found everywhere, it's got to be a war zone on opening day. Though in other areas I turkey hunt, I sometimes see deer, I must have seen over thirty in that area.
Personally I'd rather see less deer and not get shot.
As far as "making friends" i'ts too late in the season to do that now, but I'm working on it for next year.
Youve got 800 acres with that few guys on it? haven't had that luxury since the club I was in disbanded.
Well, good luck to you!

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