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Cuddeback Capture IR

Just wanted to warn you all about Cuddeback cameras.. Dont believe the hype! I spent 250.00 on a cuddeback thinking that I've got one of the best cams available. Wrong, this thing right out of the box feels and looks like it belongs on the $89 rack. I gave it a fair chance and it is as crappy as it feels in your hands.What a let down. The batteries (4 D Cell ) will not come out without the aid of a prying tool like a screwdriver. The little dial that sets time,date,time between pics, off ...... It rotates all the way around and I cant even shut it off to switch memory cards. No preview screen, you have to open it to check number or pictures taken and it is very loud when trying to be "sneaky" in the woods. The single strap tree mounting strap makes the camera jiggle all over when trying to open/retrieve memory card. The only thing it has going for it is that it does have good trigger speed and only average quality pictures. Not worth the money boys n girls! The hunting show guys only use them cuz they get em free is my guess.. Nuff said, hope ya get my point. Happy hunting!
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