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Originally Posted by burgerking View Post
and you are right whitetail, i think pine trees would have to be in the envirnment you are using it in. Good job!
Thanks for the positive reinforcement.

I was really wanting to know Bruce's logic on why PineSol should work. And wanted to know how many scents you thought the deer could smell in PineSol. I wasn't trying to prove any point, just, as I stated, curious.

I've been thinking about the question I posed "If your only hunting hardwood forests and there are no pine trees around...." I think I came up with the answer. Deer can travel for miles. They are nomadic to a certain extent, whether it be during the rut looking for a mate, or after they leave their home territory.(This is fact and has been proven with tagged deer and GPS) Therefore, they have almost certainly come into contact with pine trees. Also, deer are reactionary, meaning that certain things are ingrained in their brains or instinctual, such as fear and flight mechanisms. This is passed on through the evolutionary process, so even if they haven't encountered a pine tree, they know the smell of pine is not harmful, conversely, they would know that, even if they have never encountered one before, a wolf poses danger to them.

Now, PineSol, understanding that Deer can smell several scents at one time(thanks BK), they would smell Pine oil(still probably not natural as I'm sure it is too concentrated even mixed with water), Surfactants, and Alcohol and probably even plastic(because their noses are just that good!), would still probably find this unnatural and have a flight reaction.

I know what I've just stated is very thoughtful and intellectually demanding, but read it a few times and ponder my statements, hopefully it will make sense to you.
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