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Originally Posted by BruceBruce1959 View Post
PINE scent is a 100 % natural scent in the woods. The Pine Sol mixture has proven itself over many many many years, as my Dad and Uncles used to swear by it's affectiveness (back in the 40's and 50's they didn't have fancy hunting supplies) LOL

but SMOKE is NOT a natural presence in the woods, It makes me wonder why anyone would try such a rediculous element for hunting purposes. If I had to choose which to use between the Pine Sol or the Smoke, PINE easily wins that decision.
That's just silly talk right there.

Smoke is as "natural" a smell to deer as acrorns, rabbit poo-poo, diesel fuel, septic tanks, a cut corn field, freshly cut grass, cigarette smoke, chewing tobacco spit (that some here have admitted to)........the list goes on.

Ya ever see a tree that has been struck by lightning??? I have. Have you ever seen one right after it's been hit by lightening?? I have. Ya know what it smelled like?? Smoke and burnt wood. Weird.

Where you it all famland, rural? Do farmers have burn piles? Do they have firepits?? Do they burn stumps in the woods or fields?? I can tell ya one thing......everybody on my side of the street have burn piles and firepits....not to mention fireplaces. SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE!!!! IT'S EVERYWHERE!!!!

I can't believe you can deny any of this. But you might.

You will be a hard nut to crack to try and get smoked up.

Can't hurt to try......can it?

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