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I didn't see that spiker, but that is extremely disrespectful towards our country if they made the boy take the flag off... that is if it was an American Flag that is, and I'm assuming it was....
I also agree that our country is too tolerant of others. We need to look after ourselves and stop worrying about accomodations for outsiders. I believe America is the home of the FREE, but it's becoming the home of the illegal immigrants.
I have been in deep prayer for sometime now for our country. And it will continue until the 2012 election. We need a new president in office that is going to actually "change" us back to the OLD AMERICA. Where we stood up for ourselves and one true AMERICAN fought for another true AMERICAN. That's the CHANGE we need right there. We need to stop allowing illegals to live for free in our country and we need to stop depending on foreign countries as well. Heck, if you haven't noticed, China owns us!

James 1:2-8
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