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Thank you for your compliments! I can honestly say that I have been a Christian all my life (well since I was 11) and I have always tried to do the best I can when witnessing and just plain acting like a Christian. Through the rough patches of my life, I still attended church mainly because of my family. They all went and so I went as well. Like I said I never got mad at God, There was just alot I didn't understand. I guess I went through that period where you wonder why God allows bad things to happen. That's part of maturing, and I now realize that. God allows bad things to happen to us for many reasons. What alot of people don't realize is God has no surprises. HE knows what is going to happen in each and everybody's lives every minute of everyday. It's easy to think that God doesn't care about you, but he does. He loves everyone. The reason bad things happen is so that we can learn to trust on our Christian brothers and sisters to get through the rough times and to depend on family and Christ to give us strength to get through it. Everyone goes through tough times and the first thing we automatically think (even non-believers) is why does God hate me so much? That is so far from the truth. I had to learn that and it took me awhile to realize that. I guess when I witnessed to my wife the light bulb came on. I realized, why do I believe this stuff and not live by it? It was dumb to believe one way, but then live your life the opposite. So I made the change. I knew in my heart that I loved God, Period. No doubts. God made the ultimate sacrifice to all of us on this earth. He sent his SON, not just some "guy" to earth, to DIE on the cross for our sins. If you read the Bible carefully, JESUS made the decision to DIE for us. HE made the decision to do that for us. If you remember while Jesus was on the cross, he asked the Lord above, "WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???" The reason he asked that is because God was allowed him to suffer for our sins. God turned his back on Jesus that ONE time. He allowed his son to die for a cause that he (Jesus) loved so much,,, US!
It is truely an amazing thing to be a Christian. I would like to invite any and everyone if they have questions to feel free to e-mail me. Now, I'm not a pastor of a church or the best Christian in the world, but I can guarantee you I'll find the answer out if I don't know it. Jesus Christ DIED on the cross for our sins, people. How many of you would DIE for millions and millions of people who you don't personally know or for people who aren't even BORN yet? That's what Jesus did (even though HE knows us all).

To GOD be all the Glory...

James 1:2-8

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