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Just wanted to make my first post by saying hi to everyone. I'm a 20 year old male from southwestern Ohio. I have a girlfriend of almost 8 months and no children. To be quite honest just got through my hunter safety course this year. So needless to say I'm about to start what I hope is many great years of hunting experiences. Also just bought a new shotgun for the upcoming season. Ended up settling on a Remington 870 Express Mag, with the 26" vented rib barrel and the 20" rifled slug barrel with rifle sights. Figured the combo would be great for both deer hunting and the clay target shooting that I LOVE to do whenever time, money, and the lady allow. I'm lacking gear for the upcoming season and have no money after buying the gun so any tips that are cost cutters but yet just as effective are always appreciated. Feel free to reach me at anytime. Although I'm new to hunting I'm not new to shooting and love any kind of talk about hunting/shooting/fishing/anything to do with the outdoors. From the posts that I've seen in the forums so far I'd like to just go ahead and thank everyone that posts for being very kind, generous, and helpful. Well that'll be it for now, I'm going to browse around and see what I can do to make my first deer shotgun season a memorable one. Any emails about shotgun deer hunting are MORE than welcome. Just a shotgun kinda guy I guess. lol.
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