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advantages tree stand
1. elevation tends to put you out of general line of vision from your quarry.
2. although it has been mentioned that it aids in scent control, that should not be a substitute for utilizing proper pre-hunt scent control. you should be as near scent free as possible before ascending to your hunt position. however, a tree stand dose exactly that. scent 20' above ground will tend to stay aloft longer than scent from ground level.
3. allow you to shoot from a standing position, which is the most common position that you practice from.(you should practice shooting multiple positions and scenarios to maintain the NOTHING NEW aspect)
4. can be set up and utilized effectively immediately.

disadvantages of tree stands
1. you are subjected to the environmental conditions.
2. although elevated, movement must be monitored and kept to an undetectable minimum.
3. location changes are generally time consuming and involved.
4. your scent, sound and movements are exposed.

advantages to ground blind.
1. scent, sound and vision concealed.
2. quick to set up and get in and out of.
3. protection from the elements.
4. easily transported to and from location.

disadvantages of ground blinds
1. even when properly set up (brushed in) they are visible to deer. and because of this, should be set up weeks in advance to hunting from them to allow the deer to become accustomed to seeing them as no threat.
2. limited visibility.
3. shooting must be done from kneeling or sitting position in most blinds.

there are different times that each method of concealment has its advantages over the other. my recommendation is to , not limit yourself. I have several hang on stands and a climber, 2 ground blinds and a ladder stand. the climber has several advantaged over the hang on style at the same time it has as many disadvantages. I also have 2 ground blinds that because of the disadvantages mentioned, I have abandoned their use and picked up a new ladder stand. the ladder stand I feel will bridge the gaps between the hang on/climber and the ground blinds.

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