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Bellvue psychotherapy team called in to remove distraught man from front yards everywhere in the Queens area: Apparently the man whose name is not being released due to security measures was seen running into several yards at sunrise this morning and attacking residents shrubs and small trees then urinating in small patches that he made with his feet. Witnesses state that the man would approach their trees and shrubs and "trash" them with his head leaving large "rubs" in them. The tree trashing was then finished off with some growling or "grunting" by the man. The details on why the man "urinated" after scratching the ground up with his feet are sketchy and a little graphic to be discussed at this time. Dr. VanDroptine says that in all his 59 years of psycho rehabilitation he has NEVER EVER SEEN OR HEARD of such behavior from man or animal. He also states that it will take months of studies and testing to even come up with an educated guess on this mans behavior. Dr. VanDroptine was consulted by Dr. Timberghost whose only response was, and I quote, "just release him into the woods and leave him alone, it's that simple." Hopefully Dr. Timberghosts second opinion will be considered after all he is a cool guy. HA HA HA HA..........MORE AT 11

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