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I'm confident in saying that what you'll find here at this website are a lot of hunters willing to give you all the advice you may want..
advice regarding equipment or advice to help you on your hunts...

WE all know how easy it is to get trapped into marketing schemes that make us think spending more is better.. Sometimes that just isn't so. Last year I used a Bolt Action Ruger .270 to get a nice 8 pointer that Rifle set-up cost me about 650 dollars with scope and sling, My girlfriends son used a .30-06 Bolt action Savage that cost him around 390 dollars with scope and sling and he got a beautiful 4 pointer.. Braggin? nope,, just pointing out cost doesn't determine success...

By the way my personal favorite scope is a 3-9x40 Bushnell that I paid 40 bucks for.... Good Luck to you...

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