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Originally Posted by bill f View Post
hey mihunter,if you are ever in southern illinois come and hunt with me.i would be more than happy to take you along ,i have 3900 acres of mainly small farm land to hunt,consisting of fence rows,5-120 acre tracts of woods,crp fields(setaside).i know how it feels not to have a place to hunt and it sucks,i just went to ppl's houses mainly farmer and asked if i could hunt,all they could say is yes or no and you would be surprised how many said yes.most farmers want the deer gone they tear up grain fields and are a nuissence,so get uot there and just ask,good luck and be safe.

bill f, That's a heck of an offer and I applaud you for it...... I want to personally say thank you on behalf of all hunters...

Happy Safe Hunting

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