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Let me put this myth to rest

Your scent is made up of your skin cells that are falling off of you by the millions. They are called rafts that look like cornflakes except the size of a cell. You are completely surounded by these cells at all times whether you are sitting standing or taking a shower. Now let me give you an example. take some confetti and stand under your stand and drop it, what happens? The confetti will catch some air and fall within a few feet. Now take another handful of confetti and climb into your stand and drop another hand full. What happens? Thats right the confetti catches more wind and spreads out a few yards instead of feet. Well your scent is made up of cells which are thousands of times smaller then a piece of confetti. the more wind they catch the further out they will go. No not all your cells will just fly out of the area just like not every piece of confetti flew out of the area. These cells are falling everywhere and riding the wind currents all around you. I read about this stuff from some dude on some site it was really mind blowing.
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