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Hi Guys I'm new here but been hunting for over thirty yrs!
What you want to do is instead of dragging scent behind you, carry the scent bottle and dip small twigs and grasses in it (wear rubber gloves, boots etc)
Thorw them at least three feet or more to one side of where you are walking (don't walk down a run) Walk parallel to a run and throw them into it if you can find one. I do this every fifteen or twenty feet for at least a hundred yard or so and terminate the "trail" at a scent dispenser about 30yds from by stand. The dispenser I found online last year is called X17. I have never used one this good before. I think the guy was on freewebs. Anyhow, whatever you use to terminate the trail, Put it where you can see it. Last year I took a really big bodied 7pt and a big doe I'd been watching for months and "passed "on about ten other animals.
Don't only watch the trail you made... Deer pop up in the strangest places when you least expect it. At least three times last year I had does come in from behind me and knock the scent dispenser over with their noses.
Repeat the trail making at least every three days, or more if it rains or snows. Don't walk there coming in or out of your stand and don't over-do the scent stuff
I might put down several trails this year and use several dispensers. But, haven't decided where yet.
With season opening up or already open in most places, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYBODY!!!
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