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Originally Posted by joel the signman View Post
my wife knows if i dont get out in the woods ill wind up on the six o clock news.....

I Can See it NOW !!!

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this Special 6 0' Clock News Report

A Deer Hunter missing for 2 days from Queens NY has been spotted in the Flushing section Dragging what appears to be the skeletal remains of a 16 Point Whitetail Buck...

Eye witness reports claim the hunter was last seen 2 days earlier getting spanked by a woman witnesses say was his wife...
The wife who was contacted by phone had only one statement
"When he gets home he better be Draggin something, that's all I have to Say"

We will update as soon as more information rolls in.. Film at 11:00

This is BruceBruce1959 Channel 0 news

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