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First buck down

well this saturday at 11:00 am I killed my first buck. no pics put on the computer yet so sorry but heres the story.
we woke up at 5:30 Am loaded onto the quads and took off. We got ou there hiked 200 yards at the most when we saw a herd of deer 70 yards in front of us so my dad and his buddy Mike set me and mikes son Hunter up on two of the bucks in the herd. "Joseph the one in the back is a descent buck." my dad told me. So i set my crosshairs behind his shoulder and just as i was about to squeeze the trigger my dad said "hold on don't shoot theres a bigger one over the on the ridge yo the left." So i set my pack dow and layed down to use it as a rest. "Do you see that 4x4 across the drainage hes about 25 inches wide do you want him?" My dad asked me. I said "sure". So Mike scanned him at 350 yards on the range finder so in my head i decided to put my cross hairs just above his back. well i pulled the trigger and my bullet hit right where i put the cross hairs just over his back. so him and the rest of the deer in his herd went over the ridge and came out on the other ridge and Mike scaned them at 650 yards so mike pulled up his STW and my dad pulled up his 257 Weatherby mag.
and they both started shooting at him because they wanted the buck to be kiled and not get away so after my dad quit shooting Mike shot and you heard this loud SWACK. So Mike said "I hit him" and my dad said no you didnt hes still goin uphill. then when he skylined on the next ridge you could see he was missing an antler. so we kept hiking then my dad and i split off from Mike and Hunter. we went over the ridge watched for a minute only saw 1 doe so we started back when we saw Mike and Hunter set up on the next ridge so we went down then came up to where they were. when we go to them Mike said "Theres a buck over there that Hunter is gunna shoot you guys just waked within 30 feet of him." so Hunter shot his buck and then Mike said "alright Joe you take Hunter over to his buck and ill take Joseph over here because theres a buck bedded down and theres a spot to shoot him from right on top of this ridge" so my dad went with Hunter to get his buck and I went with mike to shoot at the buck over the ridge. when we got up to the spot where i could take the shot mike scanned the forked horn on the range finder at 218 yards. so i snuck to a spot where i could get a rest set my pack down and layed down. I put my crosshairs right behind his shoulder took a deep breath in heldit for a second then on my exhale i started to squeeze the trigger BOOM the gun went off then Mike said "He's done." so i reloaded and put my scope back on him and he was laying down before i shot but now he was standing looking at me so i thought i missed until i saw the blood on him and Mike said "do you want me to finish him off?" "no I got it." I told him. so i shot at it again and he sarted to run. he ran about 30 yards and went into a bush. "You missed him that second shot" Mike said. after about 30 seconds the buck flopped out of the bush dead as a doornail.
when we met up with my dad and Hunter after dragging my buck to where they were we found out that after being shot three times Hunter's "dead" buck came back to life and tried to stab him with his antlers. My buck is just a forked horn but the antler size is just a bonus the experience of the hunting trip is the real reward. and also the way i think of it It is better to kill a forked horn and learn something than it is to kill a 4x4 and learn nothing.
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