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Originally Posted by WisconsinDeer View Post
This is kind of random, but since you said you do a little work for Remington....why is Remington .22lr such low quality? Like the golden bullets, thunderbolts, cyclones..ect..ect.
I have no idea about their quality issues. I own a sandblast / powdercoating operation here in Western KY and I do a little work for them. All I meant was due to obama people are buying more than can be produced. The Reminton plant here says they are sellin faster than they can build and it doesn't matter what product they are producing, everything sells. They aren't trying to keep a balance of products on the market, just whatever they can put together. The same thing might apply to Sierra bullets, dunno. Apparently there not producing enough if you can't find them. All I know is the gun/shooting manufacturers are under a big strain to produce. Or were. I thought that had eased a bit. The Remington plant here is undergoing an expansion of about 50%. Good thing for the local economy. There is a gun shop here that has a picture of Obama on the wall with a sign that says, "Salesman of the Year. Two years in a row"

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