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Originally Posted by traindriver View Post
and here's the 3 biggest reasons why.....

1) Troy Smith is the best single player on both teams, but I gotta give the nod to FL for having more athletes. "One player does not a championship win, except in chess". Aristotle said that.
2) Football comes down to line's all about the fat, sweaty guys in the trenches. I'm thinkin' FL's defensive line will get more wins than OSU's defensive line.
3) OSU has had the last 16 weeks off...or something like that. All the OSU Offensive Linemen that tanked up on turkey on Thanksgiving haven't even run it off yet. And they'll eat right into Christmas. By the time Jan 8 rolls around, they won't be able to do more than jog onto the field for introductions. They'll be pukin' by the 4th quarter.
I got to say it almost seems like you saw the game before the rest of the world. OSU crappy line play was key to them gettin spanked in this game. and FL definitely looked to have a speed advantage all over the field.
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