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OK I will tell ya it was a long hunt had watched these few doe for an hour eating acorns & this one finally came up to where I was sitting at full draw twice for over 5 min ea time we were in a stare down head on she just would not look away ( Must have liked my charming good looks YEAH RIGHT) she finally gave me a shot at this time my arms were getting tired picked the spot & released
If you look at the most left arrow in my quiver you will see part of the very large hole in her neck I took out everything in the neck even cut into the vertebrae not the best shot but I have learned that Now instead of shooting 12 to 40 arrows a night I am shooting 6 & holding ea at full draw for as long as I can to try & still make the shot this could have gone wrong in a hurry but someone was looking over me & my youngest daughter got venison for her birthday dinner Just what she wanted from me 10/10/10 A hunt I will never forget
good job HM I thought that was the dead giveaway you won what I don't know but I will think of something

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