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"Ok, i have to ask, how in the world is a hunter supposed to know if the deer has a 13 inch spread?"

When reading the TX Parks & Wildlife regulations on hunting, there's a picture that explains the "13 inch" rule. If the inside spread is past the tips of the buck's ears, then it will be at least 13 inches. I had one buck whose rack didn't meet the rule, but his body size was easily 30-50 pounds heavier than anything else I'd seen. Didn't meet the "rack rule" so I had to let him go. I will have to ask the local game warden what happens "if" . . . you miss the 13 inch rule.

We have a pretty good deer population in central Texas. Personally, I have no problems with the "rack rule". It gives the bucks a chance to mature before somebody takes a crack at them. Those with genetic deficiencies (spikes) are given an extra couple weeks a year to get removed from the gene pool.

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