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Ok, i have to ask, how in the world is a hunter supposed to know if the deer has a 13 inch spread? what if it LOOKS 13 and it's actually 10? That law seems a little rediculous to me. In Missouri, I personally asked a game warden last year, what would happen if I accidentally shot a buck that only had 3 points on each side (in MO bucks taken have to have at least 4 points on ONE side). He told me it depends on the size of the buck. If the buck is smaller, then they are more forgiving about it, b/c you can't tell as well on a small racked buck. but he said if it's an older buck w/a more mature rack, then they will fine you because you should be able to see if it has 4 points on one side. TO ME, that's a HECK of a lot of stuff to have to go through before you take a deer. I absolutely AGREE with what they are trying to do, BUT.... it's a pain. Some guys I know NEVER even seen big bucks on their property. One of my buddies has never even shot a buck. either because they are too small or the dominant buck don't come on his property. I think if the state's deer herd is healthy, they need to lift the point restriction. If it starts to go down or hurt in anyway, then put it back on. What does everyone think???

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