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TX - depends on the county on antlers. Most counties are now going to a min 13" spread so that the bucks are larger, more mature. Spikes are legal and even get an additional couple weeks at the end of the regular season (doe too).

Preferences? Bucks with the big racks of course, but if they don't come along then I'll put a doe into the freezer any time. I had to let almost a dozen 6 pointers wander past me last season simply because they didn't meet the minimum spread. One came up behind me and walked past less than fifteen feet away. Best part of that is that most of them should be "legal" THIS year.

Should hunters have ethics? Do I care how others hunt? Okay, here's my opinion -- and that's what you're getting here, an opinion -- as long as hunters are ethical (and y'all can take that with a grain of salt or two) with how they hunt and do so without causing a black eye on the rest of us hunters, who am I to judge how another person hunts?

I've tried to instill my ethics of hunting in my sons in seasons past and hope to do so with my daughter this year. Hunting with my grandfather happens to be one of the few memories I still have of him, but the "life" lessons learned back then are still valued ones today. I just hope I'm still around when MY grand-children are old enough to hunt. I'd like to be there just to make sure those life lessons learned from my grandfather are passed on down to future generations.

My $.02 worth!
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