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I am glad that TN doesn't have antler restrictions because I have never thought that was a good way to manage buck harvest. I know each area of the country faces different challenges when it comes to managing the deer herd but manageing the number points a buck has to have before you shoot just doesn't get it done.

If the goal is to improve the herd overall the hunters have to get over the antler hang up and start shooting does. Experienced hunters who have oportunity to take does and do not should never complain about small buck sizes, or other hunters that shoot small bucks, because they are not doing their part.

Buck age structure can be improved in ways other than an arbitrary number of points. Why would you let a 4.5 year old six point walk and breed that gene into the herd and then turn around and kill a 1.5 year old 8 point with much superior genes?

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