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Well now actually just last year, I was hunting one morning and had a scub buck (cowhorn/spike) and a doe feeding at roughly 200yds. I waited and waited before shooting to see hwat else would come out. The deer's antlers were mangled looking so I had decided to take the deer before I left the stand. The only problem, the deer decided to leave the field first. The doe took off across the field at an angl stopping at what we marked off to be 375 yds. The buck came running behind her. When he stopped at the path, I squeezed the trigger and he looked around for what had just whizzed by him. He walked back towrds me and stopped and I was ready with the next round. This time he shook his head about like something hurt. He then took off towards the woods where he had been eating previously. I whistled as he reached the feeder and he stopped once more. 200yds must have been the extent of my .30-06 with the bullets I was shooting at the time. That shot went where I aimed and the deer dropped. The second shot went right throught the left ear...perfect circle...WILD!
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