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Originally Posted by extremehunter007 View Post
How do you like the Sigma? my buddies mom just got it in 9MM and ill be taking her out to show her safety, workings, cleaning, etc. just wanted to get the opinion of a fellow shooter... thanks man
Extremehunter007, I also have the Sigma in .40 caliber, I would rate the sigma as a poor choice for a "new shooter" or a woman wanting a handgun for self defense.
The sigma doesnt have very good accuracy and I know it wasn't designed to be a hunting weapon it's sole purpose is for close range self/home defense but I would hope a new shooter would have a little better accuracy than what the Sigma offers.,,,, there's no safety mechanism so to reduce the chance of an accidental discharge, the trigger pull is purposely set at the factory to require more force.
To me, nothing about the sigma says "good choice handgun for beginners"
but that's just my opinion..
Good Luck...

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