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Depends on what ya consider the long shot.. the 1st shot or my 5th shot... I was only 12 at the time so dont laugh and it was my 1st deer...i was hunting a powerline in south alabama when a spike entered the food plot. I waited til it got in the the center of the plot when shot the first time well i missed so i preceded to shoot four more times as it ran toward me.. Finally the 5th shot connected.. It was 300 yards when i finally hit it.. when the guy i went with came to help me get my deer he asked where i shot to the first time.. Well he stepped it off and it was around 450 yards. While gutting this deer we noticed one of its ears was bleeding.. Well i was so nervous that i peirced its ear perfect with a 270 bullet.. Bet noone else can peirce a deer's ear at 350 plus yards... thank god i've not done that again i'd never live it down..
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