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WF, While in PA last week the old apple orchard was nearly barren. They were hit with a late spring freeze and killed most of the buds. Acorn crop looks very good. Sounds like a dream hunting area in NY you got with some nice bucks. Family hunting, it just doesn't get any better than that! I did locate a few really nice rubs indicating multi-branched antlers. I'm set up on a natural funnel that separates two rock faces. I have a mountain stream to my south 100 yds and two laural thickets to my east & west. There must be 6 major travel paths converging into the funnel which is only 40-50 yds and necks down to 30 yds wide. The travel routes are all N to S patterns. I will be set up in the middle/edge of the funnel in 3 hemlocks for coverage/camo. This is only 30 yds from where I had an encounter last year with a nice 8 pt, but gives me a better control of the funnel.

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