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Default Early doe season with a buddy.....

i have hunted with a bow a few times. not by any means an expert. A buddy of mine and myself went out saturday for the last day of early bow season. well, 7 PM rolled around, sun was fixin' to sink away, and we literally had 30 deer roll into our "spot". now when i say 30 deer, im not meaning huge 20 pointers, and massive racks. mostly doe's. a few nice 8 pointers. and the one doe, that we both wanted, rolled right in front of us. i had the browning recurve, and with 60 or more eyes on you, moving isnt an option. my buddy drew back, and held his 60 pound bear for 5 minutes. most are saying, 5 min. 60 pounds! what a girl. well, my buddy just had shoulder surgery the beginning of the year. so 5 minutes was an eternity. doe came in, he couldnt hold it any longer, and he let it fly. it was like slow motion. now our tree stands sit about 37 feet up, and she was pretty much directly below us, and it went straight down through her neck, severed the spine, and hit the JUG. she didnt jump, wheeze, or even kick. she dropped. she weighed out to 137 and 1/8 LB. dressed she was just over 116. so here is the picture of the old girl. based on molars, we aged her at 4 to 4 1/2. pretty old for this area.
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