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You should have taken that Simmons scope off and sent it back to simmons for repair. I'd even bet they probably would have repaired or replaced it for free... Don't knock the lower priced (cheap) scopes,,,,, CHEAP doesn't always constitute poor quality...
I have a 3-9x40 Bushnell, Had it for years (about 25 years to be exact) that scope is so accurate and has such a crystal clear view, I can hit thumb tacks at 100 yards (Done that many times) and the funny thing is after I had that scope for about 8 months the horizontal crosshair busted ,, I sent it in to have it fixed and Bushnell fixed it for free.. And the COST,,, I paid $ 39.95 plus tax for it.
I STILL use and prefer that scope over every other scope I've ever used. Please don't go to thinking that the COST makes the better scopes. sometimes $ 39.95 is just as good as $ 539.95 but I think we all like keeping that extra $500.00 in our own pockets...

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