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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
wd, what kind of shot distances do you take with the 303
I actually just bought it a week ago at Cabela' was looking lonely and it was only $100 so I thought I would give it a home. I've only taken it out to 50 yards so far. With Prvi Partizan factory ammo it gets about a 2" group at 50 yards with open sights and with my reloads it gets about 1.5" group at 50. (this was in on a windy day and not off a stable bench, the rifle can do much better than this for sure) The factory loads shoot right on but my reloads shoot about 5" high, and I don't have any more adjustment to make it go any lower...not sure why that is. Lee Enfields make great hunting rifles (especially the sporterized ones) The open sights are nice, the trigger is only about 6 lbs and its a 2 stage, the safety is just a lever that you flip forward for fire and back for safe. The bolt is really fast as well, faster than any other bolt rifle that I have used.
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