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I do that all the time year after year well before the rut thinking that I'll trigger a good response from "the first doe in heat being hounded by a buck". I don't think that you need to fix anything and you should be alright as long as the area you're hunting holds deer because all does will need breeding and most likely have bucks in persuit as soon as your area rut begins. Also, your friend may have left human scent along his drag trails which could've put the deer on high alert and hindered movement. Or the bucks aren't too aggressive just yet to come in to a dominant buck intruder and may not even be that interested in the scent of a hot doe just yet. I pass this on to you only as my personal experience with that type of situation so I won't say that these are all facts about the deer and the rutting behavior. Hope that this helped you out a little. GOOD LUCK.
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