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Originally Posted by buckfever View Post
i like to take out a couple does in early season and then wait for the wallhanger to walk out.
That's what im talking about. I cant shoot a doe here unless i put in for a special draw. Then I still only get to shoot one deer buck or doe my choice. there is getting to be to many does. I think they need to hand you a doe tag when you purchase your buck tag. They do allow youth and senior citizens to shoot either a buck or doe. In the state of Washington in the county that i live in they have a 3 point minimum for bucks. which i think is good. In the northern counties where i shot the buck that i have posted you can shoot any buck. In Idaho, where i also hunt you can shoot 1 deer of either sex with no point restrictions on the bucks.

I have been thinking about putting in for a doe tag in Washington "to do my part" and harvest a doe. Then in Idaho, just hunt for the big boys.
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