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Originally Posted by AJHunter View Post
You could be right RMc, but I still prefer the biggest buckshot of them all, called a slug. LOL

The slug will bring down any Buck Shot, Get It. LOL


I understand you folks up in Maine occasionally shoot a few moose each year. I have personally seen the Dixie Terminator 12 gauge round penetrate just as deep in a test medium as a .416 Rigby factory round (Federal brand) loaded with 400 grain Nosler Partition bullets. The Dixie round also blew a bigger hole! The Terminator amounts to a .73 caliber rifle with a 730 grain hard cast, heat treated bullet at 1200 fps. The Terminator was designed from the ground up as modern day version of the late 19th century ammo used in British 12 bore rifles.

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