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Tell us more!

Originally Posted by burgerking View Post
i tried these tri ball things and wasnt pleased. I took a 50 yard shot at a doe and almost lost it. one ball missed the deer, one was just under the skin on the shoulder blade, and the other one lucky enough hit the lung and heart. I myself dont like them or buck shot in general. Just me though. Its seems like too big of a chance to injure the deer.
Please tell us the rest of the story. What gauge shotgun were you using?
What brand of ammo were you using? What was the size or diameter of the buckshot? Had you patterned the ammo at that distance?

I highly doubt it was Dixie Tri-Ball. The Tri-Ball from Dixie Slugs is legally buckshot but the comparison ends there. Those 315 hard cast .60 caliber move out at 1050 to 1150 fps depending on the length (3" or 3.5"). These strike just as hard as the .44 Magnum at the range you describe and cut a larger hole.

So like Paul Harvey, tell us the " of the story."

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