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real victims

A woman my mother graduated high school with her daughter was on the first plane to hit the wtc.The paper didnt report it at the time but she was seven months pregnant.she called her mother and spoke to her just before the plane hit.My mother sees her friend from time to time at reunions and so forth,and my mother states that the poor woman is lost.This womans life stopped that day and will never be the same.Now here we are one day away from a another anniversary of that horriffic day and these victims have been forced to relive this every day because of some (and im taking the high rd here)terribly insensitive people.whatever healing they have done up to this point has been destroyed and they are once again becoming victims.Weve all lost loved ones and know how difficult it is imagine never being able to heal.Imagine your own president vowing his support to allow these peoples graves to be desecrated.These people have to feel so alone and our own president keeps spitting on em with his support.Lets keep these people in our prayers.
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