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Just got back after 10-12ish days down in new mexico bow hunting with my brother in law. WOW! I got home, looked at my bow hanging on the wall and said, Yep! you look good up there, i think thats where you will stay. LOL waaaay to much stress on me! And all i did was follow around with a video camera.

Got home and a package from CVA was waiting on the table. They sent me a brand new firing pin to replace the broken one on the hunterbolt. This one is a huge step up over the original. Its stainless steel, highly polished and the part that catches onto the trigger is a lot heavier duty.

Trigger is roughly 3lbs with no grit and just a touch of creep. The weird thing, normally creepy triggers you can feel. This one is like floating on air. I am thinking with time the little creep there is will be gone once the casting breaks in from shooting.

Tomorrow i am shooting 100 yards with the Accura and the new 300gr ballistic tip thor.
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