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Wink hey Dan,The follow t

hey Dan,The follow tab is setup in the admin srecen. What you need to look for is the 2nd box (either on the right of the srecen or 2nd if you have a smaller srecen). It is titled Follow Side/Top/Bottom Tab setup make sure it is turned on, by saying yes, and then just run through and make the settings as you want However as you did not see it upon install as it is setup by default, I expect that there is something else that is creating the problem.What I expect is the problem is in the theme, in the file called footer.php I expect that this file is missing an essential part of standard wordpress themes. What is needed for the follow tab to work is the following lines in the footer.php just at the end of the page/file.<?php wp_footer(); ?></body></html>The thing with wordpress is that it expects wp_footer(); at the end of the page just before closing the body and html tags, so that it can run all of it's end of the page stuff. I use this hook to tell wordpress to display the code for the follow tab. If you want to quickly test this out, why not try changing themes back to either the default or the twenty-ten theme as they will be on your machine and both have wp_footer(); in the footer.phpAll the bestandy

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