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Well, I figured I would give you guys an update. I visited a shop in my area and they only had the 870 in synthetic. Unfortunately, I was looking for a wood stock. The stock on the Remington is pretty ugly in my eyes so I took a look at their Mossberg 500's. Their stocks do not have the strongly pronounced wood grain like the Remington's do, rather they have a smooth, laminate finish. After talking with Brian, the shop worker who helped me, I walked out with a 500 in 12 gauge.

I did alot of research on the Mossbergs as well and the only issue that seemed to pop up frequently were with the shell stops. That I can deal with because it's not only covered under warranty but would not require me to send in the gun for repair. The Mossberg also came with a 10 year warranty as opposed to the Remington's 2 year warranty.

Finally, the Mossberg was priced well. Out the door, I paid $312. The Remington would have been the same price from Dunham's but with a $30 mail in rebate. Of course, that's $30 more I could have had back in my pocket. In the end though, I feel that either way I was making a solid decision, not to mention I gave business to one of the "little guys" and not a box store. The only thing I need to do is outfit her with a sling and, at some point, set it up to shoot some deer as well as waterfowl and other critters!

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