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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
these people were so used to doing anything they want now that their being scrutinized and questioned they cry racism.i live in buffalo we have the 2nd biggest muslim population next to detroit.southern man i disagree with you these peoples loyalty is to their homeland.all the men run stores and the wives are in the houses with 12 kids on welfare.all their money goes back to yemen.i live here i no what goes on so dont tell me im stereotyping.if you want to pretend that these people love america go ahead i dont believe it.these people danced in the streets on september 11.seems like were scared to tell the truth.the lackawanna six(six who received terrorists training) was 5 minutes form my house.i hope the situation reaches a boiling pt this nonsense of tolerance and political correctness needs to stop.
First of all I never mentioned anything about racism or their love of america and quite frankly don't care. I don't want it here anymore than anyone else. I do think it's funny that most people, you included, scream constitution when it's something you want but deny it to others. I think there are several things that need to reach a boiling point and boil over too.

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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