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It's odd but this very issue has come up in Mayfield, KY of all places. We have a chicken processing plant here that historically has employed Hispanics, mostly illegals. Last year the company sold this plant and the new owners are bringing in somolians as workers. Now the somolians are petitioning the the local goverment for a permit to open a mosque right on main street close to downtown. People are in an uproar. They had the city council meeting yesterday to decide but none of the somolians got inside due to the amount of people limited in the council room. The place was packed with anti muslum protesters whose only gripe it seems was the muslum religon. Not good. The permit was denied and the reason stated was the building wanted had only 6 parking spaces and the muslum membership was 150. It would disrupt the buisness parking all around it and according to KY state statue this is illegal. It was rumopred that they were asking the local and state goverment for money, but I think that was untrue. Towards the end I think the meeting almost got out of hand.

It's sad, but these people have the right to worship. Our constitution guarrantees it. That's one of the things our country was founded on. I agree the choice for the one at ground zero was a slap in the face to the american people and should be moved to another location. No question there. But here, the local folk don't want them coz they're muslum. As much as it frustrates me, they are wrong. They have a right to worship. It was embarassing being from this town yesterday and listening to the locals talk. The city council said they wouldn't have a problem with another location as long as all city and state laws were obeyed. I think we've all got a bitter taste in our mouth with muslums after 9/11. One of the arguments presented was that to associate all muslums with Al Quieda is like associating all Christians with those that bomb abortion clinics. To a point I agree but not totally. I believe their "religous law" goes against the principals this country was founded on also. Just my opinion.

We cannot continue to do the same things and expect different results
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