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I myself have taken a doe at 275 yards running full throttle with a shot and dropped her. I couldn't believe it.

I also took a seven pointer at about 275 yards running wide open. A buddy and I were walking toward the front of the farm after shooting a doe and out of the brush bursts a doe being chased by this buck. I told my buddy to shoot him, but he is a short fellow and couldn't see the deer over the tall grass. At 6'4", I could see fine and unloaded a 7mm-mag at the deer. Dirt flying everywhere, I assumed the barrel was getting hot and just slinging lead where it wanted, so my buddy hands me his .223 and I lead the buck as he is about 35 yards from making it to the woods and squeeze the trigger. I thought I missed because I didn't see the deer fall, but my buddy said he didn't see him make it in the woods either. So, we walked over and there he lay in the peanut field, graveyard dead!
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