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Got any longe range stories?

The best long range story I've got that I can recall is a buddy of mine got a Rem model 700 .300 Win mag for his birthday on Nov 26, 2004. For Christmas he bought himslef a Leupold Rifleman 3x9x40 not knowing much about scopes he wanted a decent yet cheaper scope to learn with and let me tell you learn he did. Now he wasn't (still isn't) good at judging yardage. He went hunting down on his river farm one day after sighting in his scope dead-on at 200yds. He was debating on which of two stands he wanted to hunt and chose the one with the most tracks nearby. Well the deer came out that day on the otherside of the other stand. He figured he give em a try. Boom, one doe down. Boom, another down. Boom, a third drags herself into the woods after falling down (he also wasn't aware of the two deer daily limit either--he now does and follows well). He went back to his home and called me up to help him pick up the deer and dress them out. We got to the field they were in and loaded the two still there in the truck. We tracked the other and brought her to the truck as well. Now I know it was dark and even with his trucks lights (they shine low to ground) I couldn't see a deer stand in sight. So I ask, "Where is the stand you were hunting from?" "Oh, its over there a little ways".
"Where?" "Over there." Now I still couldn't see anything, but corn stubs poking through the snow, so I say, "Let's step it off and see how far it was."
We get out of the truck with flashlights and I count off from the blood soaked snow. At 100yds I ask, "Where at?" "Just a little further." 150 still nothing. At 200yds he shows me the stand he had thought about hunting but chose another.
Now this whole time I am keeping the yardage to myself. 275yds and we still haven't gotten to the stand. 325 and still nothing. Now I am going crazy cause this is his first experience hunting witha long rifle, but at 360 I can barely make out a black tower stand. we kept walking and I put my foot on the first rung of the ladder at 412yds. "How far do you suppose you headlights are from us right now?" I ask. "Maybe 200yds," he says. I laugh and reply with, "Try 412."

Yep 412yds with a .300mag/Leopold Rifleman combo sighted in at 200. He said he didn't think he'd aimed high at all. He dropped two with shots behind the shoulder and the third was hit just a little back. Awesome hunt even though he did shoot three deer!
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