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yes we do

we are allowed more deer down south but... most hunters on here that i know are actually trying to let the young bucks walk so maybe we can develop some good racked deer. i could have shot deer just about every time ive been hunting but i would rather not shoot an 80 pound doe or a button buck. in my section of tennessee you can kill 3 doe a day for the entire season or 1 buck a day with a limit of 3 bucks a year. but seriously who needs that many deer. the main reason i think our tn members dont post pics is because they have yet to get a good deer. they dont want to post a doe or a young buck. out of the group i hunt with only one has gotten to tag a wallhanger size buck. its been a tough year. ive only seen 1 big buck the entire year and ive hunted my tail off. tomorrow morning is my last oppurtunity to hunt this season so wish me luck. ill be set up about 100 yards from the spot i saw the wallhanger earlier this year. just maybe he will happen to walk through again. ive found some huge rubs in the area that im sure only he can make. so im sure he is yet to be shot and hes still using the area.

there are alot of down south hunters that shoot 5 plus deer a year but i think they have yet to find this site. maybe by next season we will have some of them on here.
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