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I didn't want to post this until I was replied to but I emailed Remington about this issue and already received a response.

My first email:

To Whom it My Concern,

I have been considering making a purchase of a Remington 870 Express but after doing some online research, I am puzzled by the claims of some customers. The users claim that when they shoot a variety of ammo from these shotguns, they fail to eject due to the brass expanding into the machining grooves of the chamber. I was hoping you could shed some light on this issue before I decide to spend the money on one of your products. I look forward to your response.

His response:


What happened here is that we have identified an issue that one of the chamber reamers used to cut the chambers was dulled prematurely and cut some chambers with chatter at the rim if the chamber. This burr was causing some shells to stick when fired. This issue was identified and corrected a couple of months ago and we are correcting the issue with the owners who are having the problems on a case by case basis. The fix is a very simple polishing, under warranty of course, by one of our warranty repair centers. The reamer issue has been identified and resolved however so new production guns going out now will not have this issue, but there may be some guns out there that are older and may have this issue, it didn't happen with ever gun produced in the timeframe, but should you run into an issue with it on a gun purchased we are more than happy to correct the issue for you right away

My response:


First of all, I thank you for your response. I appreciate it. As far as the issue with the chamber, that makes me feel more comfortable about the idea of purchasing one of these firearms. If you don't mind, I will be saving our correspondence for the future in case I do have an issue with one of these shotguns. It's not that I don't take your word, I've just heard that some people had this issue and had difficulties getting it covered under warranty. Please, don't feel insulted. I just want to make sure all my bases are covered in such an instance. Again, I appreciate your response to the matter and will hopefully be purchasing an 870 in the near future!


His final response:

no problem,

in fact, save the e-mail, and if you do need any assistance, just give me a shout personally. I'll be happy to take care of it myself

So, it my be kind of pointless for me to post this but you never know. Hopefully, if someone someday faces the same situation, they can do a search and see there is some light at the end of the tunnel. After I make the purchase and throw some rounds through it, I will post any issues with the chamber and if they honored it under warranty like they claimed they will.

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