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thanks for the respect you have shown. that is the same respect i have for alot of other guys on this site also. we have some guys on here that have been hunting alot longer than myself. so please also heed there advice as well. just read around the forums some and you will pick up on some of the "old timers" on here. i have heard of chuck hawks but do not follow him closely at all.

when i head to the woods i tend to take my 30-06 as my first choice. i get a liitle more distance out of it and it provides more knock down power than my 30-30. but even though i choose that gun i have never killed a deer with the 30-06 that i could not have also killed with the 30-30. i am always in the woods where my shots are usually under 100 yds. those are both good woods guns in my book.
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