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Default Remington 870 Express

Hey guys, I'm looking to get an 870 Express in the relatively near future. I've been doing some looking around on the net at known issues and the only one I really have found is the issue of shells being stuck in the chamber after firing. Most have said it was because they were using cheaper shells (Wally-World stuff) and the brass was expanding into the machining grooves of the chamber. They typically suggest honing out the chamber with some steel wool wrapped around a bore brush, using gun oil as a lubricant. Attached to a drill, they claim it works quite well.

So, to get to the point, has anyone bought an 870 recently and had this issue? Would an issue that could be solved this quickly turn you away from a product without second thought?

I would like to use the shotgun for a variety of things such as duck, goose, small game, dove. Any input or opinions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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