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First of all, good choice on your rifle. I'm on my 2nd Savage (110 / 30 - 06) and I absolutely love shooting it. My other was a .243 that unfortunately got lost sometime in the decade that I didn't hunt.

As for .270 rounds, I have heard that 130 grain is preferable for whitetails. It's a little faster, and has less recoil than 150 grain (not that recoil is an issue with this caliber)

However, I don't think it really matters, as long as the bullet opens fast and holds together. The only factor that would change this (to me) is if you're shooting reallly long shots (300+ yds), in which case the "premium" loads might perform better.

As for me, I'm with BruceBruce. I shoot regular 150 grain Remington in the '06. If it doesn't get the job done, shame on me.
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