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Went out a little after 9:30 AM and had a beautiful cool cloud cover day with a slight breeze to my back.

90gr Blackhorn209, 245gr Aerotip Powerbelt, Standard CCI 209 primers. I took along my range rod as well so i could get consistent seating pressure.

I am just blown away with the 1:32 twist on this rifle. This is only the second CVA i've owned that had this twist and it has just been amazing with the Powerbelts. I actually prefer the 1:32 over the 1:28 twist.

I took a total of 12 shots but only going to post the last 3 shots as i did take my time shooting them and allowing the barrel to cool down properly.

First 3 shots with a few minute cool down on each shot,

After taking pictures of those 3 shots and packing up, i decided, what the heck! Dug out 2 more charges and loaded up!

Heres the original 3 shot group with 2 more shots added to it!

I can only imagine how well its going to shoot once i have the trigger adjusted to 3lbs!

And yes, i think 6 to 8 more clicks will put me exactly where i want to be. The 245's shot about 5" higher than the 295's from yesterday.
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